(not) a love song

I dream of you, still, my sweet escape.

Your poison that takes the world away.

Your danger ending in sweet release.

I still keep dreaming of you:

the worst mistake,
the kindest death,
the warmth you give,
the pain you take away…

The dreams projected onto my reality;
the nightmare creeping behind.

The promise of nothingness.

Just breathe…make sure you breathe, and all is well. This dream won’t go away.

But I know, we’re not allowed.
Knowing you is the trap – a mirror to show the rotten side of all.
Knowing you is the trap – a proof that things could be flawless.
The trap is to know this.
The pain comes back.

I might see you again some day, when things won’t matter any more.
When life’s molded my face and my body’s given up.
We’ll meet again, and I’ll embrace you
to sink into your endless love and never return.


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