Flight of the albatros

I had a dream: you were rotten,
your scaly skin wrinkled on top of dark, clotted blood.
You attracted all kinds of scum, bitches and leeches,
all coming to peck your golden heart.

In the years I thought you were the one,
I just ignored how I despised you.
But there was one thing I admire still,
one thing I will forever search for.
All the rest was rotting away.

I hope you are well, though.
I see a bright light that is so stained,
it might never shine again.
Oh what pain!

Why am I still worried about it?
Why can’t I just get my shit and forget all of this?
You got my youth, my car, my cat.
Some of it I will never get back.

So I say goodbye!

I left you behind,
but you can go on.
I hope your weakness will recover.
That you will have the strength to face the crowds,
and solitude doesn’t devour your power.

I am on my way.
It hurts to say: I’m on my way!

The sweetness, the beauty,
the challenge, the harmony,
it is too good not to see.
No, I cannot show it to you,
it’s on you to find it.

I wish you the best,
I wish you the best.

the sun.jpg
I’m flying. I’m flying! I’m flying! I’m flying!
I’m smiling! I’m flying! Aaah, the sun!…!…! it’s burning.

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