I know this state all too well,
15 years ago it led me to hell.
I needed a hero but I found a heroine.
And it was not even my pain I needed to ease.
It’s been put upon me to bear.

I feel alone in this. Like no one knows the grief:
How it feels to see another chew off his own feet.
How it hurts to hear fear and hunger scream out in torture,
Stuck in a trap with open doors.
Suffering the pain in a space without a body.

Excruciating to see it happen,
Dreadful to think of it ending.
I cannot help. I cannot help!
There is no way to save a soul, but your own.
Lord knows I tried, so much, so long.

All I am left with is
A hole in my chest
Worms in my stomach
Tears down my face
Spasms of my heart.
I cannot give my life to another one,
I’m barely holding the one I’ve got.

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