One last time

You know you’re out of line
Easy to suffer, hating life
A deep hole, acid in the sternum
Homesick, stuck in a self-made prison

Numbing the angst with a warm feeling
Bring it with anything
Anything you have on you
Kill it with a hit in the head
A storm is coming, you know that….

Running in a circle touching heaven
Running back, straight into hell
Hearing voices, which one is yours?
Where is the sound of your soul?
What are you saying? What are you doing?
What is the black void in your eyes that keeps appearing?

Just one last time. Now you’ll stop
It’s easy to stop when you’re all numb
Wait two days and you’ll forget
You’ll be running from the voices all over again

Just one last time, it will be fine
I promise!
Just one last time,
and it took you away…


Goodbye my deepest friend, my shadow, my teacher, my hostage keeper.
Your soul will live on in the art we create with you in our hearts.
“Beauty and love prevail! Luck follows the brave!”
Bye aarpee, rest in peace.



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