Here I mark the steps I make on my journey to my Self – on the road where I hope to unravel and accept who I am, and learn more about who We are; to gather all the lessons, ideas and emotions inspired by the world around me. Not like a diary of what I’ve done, but a collection of what I can observe and what I’m learning throughout my time on Earth, in this manifestation of consciousness that I call ‘me’.

I call my Self klaradoxa – a complex set of paradoxes that make up the human psychĂ©. A colorful avatar operating with genius automatizations, limitless potential, and bugs with their corresponding processes and workarounds to correct them. An expanding universe as vast externally, as it is internally.

I have to remind myself to be present in the moment, notice the unnoticed, feel the feels. To get candid insight into these precious snippets of how I see reality, come and follow me on Instagram.

To see how this journey plays out musically, go ahead and check out my soundcloud.


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